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Silversun Pickups and Minus The Bear give unique takes on nostalgia at Brooklyn Steel

Photos by Pamela Wang, Words by Ava Scott

Everyone could tell he was in pain, but it was as if the cheering of the crowd and the adrenaline of performing were pumping painkillers through his veins, pushing him through the end of the encore. Guitarist and vocalist Brian Aubert finally caved and unwrapped his soft cast, tossing it aside he continued to play through the last song and a half of the show on November 17th at Brooklyn Steel. Continue Reading

The Drums bring positivity and mellow vibes to the Brooklyn Steel stage (with Methyl Ethyl)

The Drums is an indie pop band from New York City. They are currently touring to promote their new record, Abysmal Thoughts, which was released this past June. Even though the band has been around for quite some time, their show last Wednesday night at Brooklyn Steel packed a diverse crowd. Their performance was upbeat, lively, and quite emotional, and with openers Methyl Ethel the night turned out to be the perfect blend of slow jams and upbeat head-bangers. Continue Reading

Dream Wife make a strong debut in New York City with an intense and passionate show at Baby’s All Right

Last night at Baby’s All Right, Dream Wife put on a intense and passionate high-energy show featuring their punk/pop blend. This was their first show in New York, and starting with “Hey Heartbreaker” and ending on “Let’s Make Out,” the band kept up the energy for their entire set. Lead singer Rakel Mjoll prowled the stage as bandmates Alice Go (guitar) and Bella Podpadec (bass) kept up their end. Continue Reading

Return of the Mack: Macklemore sells out Terminal 5 for an explosive, upbeat and personal show promoting “Gemini”

Friday November 10th, Macklemore played a sold out show at Terminal 5 in New York City. The venue was so crowded that even the upper levels of the venue were three to four rows deep. Terminal 5 was overflowed with fans of all ages, from 5-year-olds to grandmothers. It was nice to see such a diverse crowd, considering that it was a rap concert. Continue Reading

Australian genre-benders Chase Atlantic sell-out the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City, with De’Wayne Jackson

A line of freezing fans wrapped around the block, waiting in anticipation for the moment they finally get let in. People of all ages came out to see Chase Atlantic play a sold out show at Rockwood Music Hall, including quite a few whom I saw try to get in without tickets, with no such luck. Continue Reading

British/Icelandic trio Dream Wife gear up their snappy, DIY punk for shows in Los Angeles and New York in November

London-based and British/Icelandic born Dream Wife made a splash at SXSW, and now they’re returning to the United States this month for shows in Los Angeles and New York. On 11/13, they’ll play Echoplex, and on 11/16, they’ll visit Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. Continue Reading

2 weeks ago

Chilean-American composer and recording artist Nicolas Jaar occupies Brooklyn Steel for a four-night residency

15 minutes into a late-night set at Coachella, Nicolas Jaar is testing the patience of an audience filled with cut-offs, shutter shades, and vape clowns. At a festival commonly associated with endorphin depleting, big-drop anthems, it was evident that Jaar’s penchant for arrhythmic distortion was a harrowing journey for some in the crowd. Soon after, caravans of 20-somethings vacated the Mojave tent to catch the last moments of DJ Snake. Continue Reading

3 weeks ago

Soulful siblings Lawrence sell out the Bowery Ballroom two nights in a row

Selling out the Bowery Ballroom is already awesome, but to do it two nights in a row must have felt absolutely incredible for the New York City local band Lawrence. Friday night’s performance was supported by Caleb Hawley and Huntertones, who both performed high energy sets that very much showed off their musical prowess. Caleb an amazing singer and guitarist and Huntertones all massively talented on several instruments each! Continue Reading

4 weeks ago

California-based musician Angelo De Augustine performs at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York

Angelo De Augustine at Rockwood Music Hall, a venue that is small and intimate, with intricate architecture reminiscent of an old opera theatre with a small, private seating area above the bar. Continue Reading

1 month ago

Fifteen-year-old alternative pop artist Billie Eilish visits Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on her first national tour

Fifteen-year-old alternative pop artist – Billie Eilish, performed at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn Monday the 16th. This is Billie’s first tour, and with the recent release of her debut EP, don’t smile at me, she has gotten a lot of recognition. Her music explores darker more mature themes, which seems like something that would be out of a typical fifteen-year-old’s league. That’s what catapults Billie to another level. Her maturity and understanding of music puts her ahead of her time. Continue Reading

1 month ago
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