Little Rock

Phantogram take on Little Rock with their highly entertaining show at the Metroplex

Just days after their massive television performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Phantogram visited Little Rock, Ark. for the first time. Continue Reading

Crowbar, GOATWHORE, Lillake, & Hell Camino rock out in Little Rock, AR

What do you get when a metal show is put on in Little Rock, Ark.? Mosh pits, smashed beer bottles, and rowdy metal-heads. Continue Reading

Interview: Sebastian Danzig of Palaye Royale on touring, his favorite music and his mom

Palaye Royale are currently on tour with Metro Station, and in addition to attending their show in Little Rock and talking with Mason Musso, we chatted with Sebastian Danzig of Palaye Royale. He shares his favorite album of the year, the benefits of Warped Tour, and answers Instagram questions from fans. Continue Reading

1 year ago

A Night of Hard Rock with Devour The Day and Sick Puppies at the Metroplex

On October 24, Little Rock was treated to a real rock show. Opening the show was Devour The Day, led by Little Rock’s own Blake Allison. The band warmed the hometown crowd up for Sick Puppies with fan favorites such as “Good Man” and “Respect.” Continue Reading

1 year ago
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