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Respect Your Youngers was started in 2015 in St. Louis with the goal of starting a curated music blog without all the fluff. We focus on great photos, thoughtful interviews, well-written reviews, and not much else. We aren’t a promo site, so¬†if you see a promo here, it means we really like it. We’re music fans, just like you. We’re all over the country (and sometimes¬†out of the country, too) and are always looking for more contributors to join our team.

Brian Benton, founder and editor
New York, New York
Email: brian@respectyouryoungers.com
Instagram: @brianfbenton

If you are a publicist or represent a record label, please send mail to ed@respectyouryoungers.com.
If you are interested in joining us as a writer, photographer or in some other role, please contact brian@respectyouryoungers.com.

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