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Anti-pop king Rex Orange County draws a sold-out crowd in Seattle (with Cuco)

Anti-pop king Rex Orange County gathered every Seattle hipster in the city for an incredibly packed, sold out show. Originally scheduled at The Market, demand to see the artist’s show was so high they upgraded to the Showbox SoDo. Continue Reading

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Interview: pluko talks road trips, his musical origins and debut album “sixteen” (coming August 17)

pluko sits in a chair with bright white hair and freshly tanned skin. He looks calm, even after the many obstacles that came his way earlier that day. The 18-year-old is getting ready to release an album, sixteen. We caught up with Sam after his short set at Capitol Hill Block Party. Continue Reading

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Interview: Quinn XCII on the origin of his name, Mutual Friends, and his favorite snack foods

Stepping out of the elevator dipped head-to-toe in FILA, which he officially has a brand deal with now, Quinn XCII has the demeanor of a cool older brother. We take some photos and then sit down for a quick talk before he gets ready to perform at Capitol Hill Block Party. Continue Reading

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Interview and Photos: Olivia O’Brien talks inspiration, emotions and the internet before her sold out show at The Roxy

Purple and pink hair abounded!  A hot August afternoon, the line for 18 year-old, purple-haired Olivia O’Brien’s sold out show at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip was fun and colorful. Sofya Wang got the night started with energetic covers and originals. Continue Reading

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Interview: Sloppy Jane talk recording in caves, PF Chang’s, and how to organize a tour with 11 members

Sloppy Jane are somewhat of an enigma in New York, playing shows at most of the Brooklyn’s venues with a variety of instruments and an ever-changing lineup. Somehow, things always come together, perhaps thanks to vocalist Haley Dahl, who coordinated an eleven-person interview following the band’s recent show at Rough Trade opening for Cherry Glazerr. She has a flip phone, and gathered her merry band of Brooklynites via a group message.

Seeing Sloppy Jane live is sort of like seeing experimental theatre. Haley certainly leads the group, and she’s been the focal point of most of the band’s press due to her atypical fully nude performances and artificial blue “vomit.” This show built on the band’s shows I had previously seen, with a new song about shampoo as well as a new bit where Haley conducted her on-stage symphony. The 45-minute long performance largely felt like a more thought out production of what I’d seen before, featuring songs from their album Willow, released in March.

Still, talking with Sloppy Jane on Friday night felt like joining a group of friends. The heirarchy only existed becuase Haley was where my mic happened to be pointed. After the whole group was gathered, we talked about touring with a dozen people, former Sloppy Jane member Phoebe Bridgers and recording in caves.

You’re about to head out on tour. How do you organize a tour with 11 people and a bunch of instruments? How does it come together?
Haley Dahl: I’ll say that it’s pretty much the same honestly as with a smaller band. Everybody in the band is pretty game which is cool. But I mean it’s a nightmare logistically [Laughs].

How many vans are there?
Haley: We have one van.

That you all fit in?
Lily (violin): We have a clown van 1:00
Haley: Yes, it’s a clown car. It’s I really want to get a school bus.

Do you have a tour manager?
Haley: No.

And you don’t have a publicist either.
Haley: [Laughs] No, we don’t. I get a lot of emails.

Do you like doing that side of things?
Haley: No. [Laughs] But it’s one of the things where even if I delegated that, I would still have to answer those questions about scheduling and doing press. But I mean I would rather have somebody else do it. Is there anybody out there? Hello? It’s me Haley and I’m wondering if there is anyone else out there who wants to answer my emails.  

Would you describe your role as a band leader, a mother-figure…
Haley: Father! The mayor of drink tickets, I guess. But a father figure absolutely.

Before the show you lead the band in a sing-a-long?
Haley: We do vocal warm-ups.

Yeah, we could hear it coming from backstage.
Haley: You could? [Laughs]. We always do it for a couple reasons. Mostly to warm up, but then also it’s just helpful to have everybody do something together right before going on stage. It’s a really large group sometimes. Some people have been there since like 4 p.m. at soundcheck and like some people came in at like 7:00 right before the show. It’s good I think to kind of all come together and do something like that real quick.

Do all of you live in Brooklyn?
Haley: Yes.

Do all of you live together?
Haley: No. [Laughs].

But at one point didn’t you live in a big house in New Jersey?
Haley: [Laughs]. Underneath PF Chang’s. In New Jersey. No, I need to clear this up right now. To be honest, I made a joke once, but then it turned into a lie. You know it was a joke, but then people thought it was true and therefore it became a lie. But I never lived underneath a PF Chang’s in New Jersey. What happened was I lived in a house venue in Bushwick, and I wrote that in a interview answer but it sounded stupid so I changed the words to something that I thought sounded more funny. House venue in Bushwick became PF Chang’s basement in New Jersey. It’s followed me, and I feel bad. I’ve been meaning to clear it up.

So, this is my third time seeing you and I feel like in the past year the show has become more scripted. Not necessarily in a corny way but it almost feels more like a play. Do you think that’s true and how do you go about adding new things into what’s already an full-length show?
Haley: I mean it sort of is in a corny way. But I think that I’d really like to keep it the same, but develop it so that the music there is very high quality. Like it’s important to people to be putting out a lot of content and be seen as prolific, and have a lot of different content and a different show every day but I would like to just take this and make one perfect thing. Ultimately, I think it will become sort of like a symphony-format show. Right now there’s only one record but there’s two other ones that are being planned.

You’re making the next records now?
Haley: Yeah, we’ve been going to caves.
Jack: The next record we’re recording all in caves.
Haley: Me and Jack just spent a week in Kentucky. We were dragging pianos into caves. And then me and our friend Mika were in Virginia for a week in caves.

I also want to clear up two more thigns. I don’t want this interview to be about Phoebe Bridgers but she was in Sloppy Jane at one point.
Haley: [Laughs] Yeah, she played bass.

Okay and the second thing, a few articles say Sloppy Jane is singular, like Haley is Sloppy Jane.
Yeah, some people think that it’s my name, but it’s not.

But you also have said that Willow is a character that you play? Or is that something that’s kind of up in the air.
Haley: That’s confusing to explain and I don’t want to explain.

Last question. What’s your favorite book by Roald Dahl?
Haley: My favorite book by Roald Dahl? Probably Big Friendly Giant, or Matilda. 

Sloppy Jane is:
Jack, guitar, loves lavender
Lily, piano and flute
Lily (or Violily), violin
Tamar, vocals and “guitar for 30 seconds”
Noor, backup vocals, likes milk
Bailey, vocals, trumpet, and percussion, allergic to milk
Katie, bass, is excited to learn how to tap dance
Al, drums and vocals, wants to learn how to cartwheel
Lucas, cello
Kate, vocals
Haley, mayor of drink tickets
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Interview: Washington-based artist Metsä talks remixes, influences and playlists

Washington based artist Metsä has made a name for himself in the electronic music scene opening for Chet Porter, Elohim, and Big Wild. We got the chance to catch up with him before his set at Neumos during Capitol Hill Block Party – which reached capacity and had security turning people away at the door! Continue Reading

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Bumbershoot 2018: Sasha Sloan, Olivia O’Brien, nothing, nowhere and more of our artists to watch

Bumbershoot is one of the largest cultural touchstones in Seattle. Not only is there a stacked lineup of artists, Bumbershoot also showcases film, visual arts, comedy, and much more! We are so excited to see some incredible fresh artists perform this year. Here’s our top five to watch. Continue Reading

2 years ago

Brockhampton, Chet Porter and Metsa lead the way at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party

If you were in Seattle last weekend and found yourself anywhere else besides Capitol Hill Block Party, then you seriously made some wrong decisions. Three days, five stages, and a bunch of afterparties each night – there’s nowhere else you should have been. While dozens of artists performed, a few stood out among the rest. Continue Reading

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